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* For Wet Calendering of Circular Knitted Fabrics.
1. DNW type wet calender machine is used for all circular knitted fabric wet calendering.
2. The machine equipped with ring guide to control the fabric extension caused by tension  and twist during the process of dyeing and dehydration.
3. The machine equipped with feed wheel which allows the loops to return to the original form of knits by means of over feeding with contribute more effective heat setting and  calendering.
4. Tne machin minimises the dimensional change of cotton fabrics.

* For Detwisting and Opening Chemical padding and wet Compacting. 
1. Uniform Quality of Fabric 
 -Uneven hydrating and crease marks can be eliminated. 
 -Wet compacting is possible by overstretcher. So it is easy to control residual shrinkage in drying and calendering. 
2. Minimum installation Space and Man Power
 -The Machine can cover the functions of Hydro-extractor,wet calender and Stretcher, So it requires less space and man power. 
3. Save in Production Coat
 -As the consumption of chemicals and water used by direct padding of softening agent we can save the production cost.

* For Drying of Circular Knitted Fabrics.
1. The machine is specially designed for drying fabrics.
2. The machine comprises of over feeder,heating chamber,net conveyor drive and folding part which make it possible to control the speed of individual parts.
3. Enormous drying capacity derived from hot air circularation by special type nozzle.
4. Fabric will be dried without tension.
5. Due to forced air blowing on fabric gives excellent shrinkage relaxing effects and luxurious soft finish.
6. Machine is controlled by centralised control system.

* For Reversing of Circular Knitted Fabrics.
1. The Machine is used to reverse the knitted face to back and back to face.
2. The Machine has capacity blower pipe, fabric turning pipe, roller and folding parts.
3. Process of fabric turning.

* For Steam Setting of Circular knitted Fabrics.
1. DNS steam setting machine is designed for sperading and seting of fabric width.
2. It corrects twisted condition of knitting loops,and widen fabric width by pressing  fabric surface and softend through steam spray on the fabric.
3. Crease marks can be minimised by non-woven fabric on the roller surface. 4. At the steam setting section, upper and lower roller will be heated.
So,it gives good effect on fabric.
5. The Machine comprises of over feeding section,steam section,folding section and electronic control panel.

* For calendering and Lustering of Circular Knitted Fabrics.
1. DNC type calender machine is designed newly to process 100%cotton tuvular knitted  fabric in order to get luster and softness of fabric and to slight shrinkage control.
2. Improved machine design controls precisely speeds of over feeder,heating cylinder and  folding down.
3. The Machine can accurately control loop distortion as main and over feeder speed can  be read on digital speed indicator.
4. Improved machine design improves the life of felts and conveyor as it comprises of  automatic felt adjusting device.
5. The Machine can be controlled easily by centralized control system.

* For Heat Setting Knitted Fabrics.
1. DNH type heat setting machine is designed to process the circular knitted fabric being  composed of synthetc and blended yarns.
2. The Machine comprises of the over feeding section,heating,cooling section,press roller  and folding section.
3. It is possible to reduce the heat differnce between the inside and outside of the  heating chamber as there is direct heating system by means of gas or thermo-oil.
4. The Machine make more easy to control the thick knitted fabric to get the required  width by using the strong hot wind.
5. The Machine equipped with a digital control system to control accurately the main  speed and over feed. As a result,it is possible to solve the problems like the loop  twist.
6. The Machine can be controlled easily by centralized control system.

* For Compact Calendering of Circular Knitted Fabrics. 
1. Tube compactor is designed to control the effective shrinkage and high dimensional stability of knitted fabrics such as single jersey and double jersey fabrics. 
2. It is mechanically possible to adjust the shrinkage ratio up to 18%depends on type of fabrics.

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